Tony Cabral: Boston Card Shark

Humor, charm, & world-class skill—when you look for sleight-of-hand entertainment, round up The Usual Suspect: Tony Cabral. Using a deck of cards like a sharpshooter uses a gun, Tony takes dead aim at your guests and turns sneaky tricks into a dazzling good time. Tony has spent a lifetime mastering the secrets of crooked gamblers and brings them to you up close and personal, mixed with a wit as sharp as his skills. Your guests will be astounded at his close-up sleight-of-hand during cocktail hour, and his superhuman card cheating demonstrations are guaranteed to make your casino night or private function a memorable success. With Tony dealing the entertainment, everyone’s a winner.

Tony Cabral has used his humor and world-class ability with playing cards to entertain for groups such as the Oracle ACE Directors, Pythian, Preserve Rhode Island, and Legal Test Kitchen.

Contact Tony Cabral:

• 617 803 8410 •